28 december, 2013

New sketcher in the block

A few weeks ago I took the liberty of welcoming Thomas, the sketcher, to our digital abode. Although he doesn't live in Skåne, he comes by and sketches often, and has such a good time when he is around here that I couldn't refuse the membership in the blog. This was the last of a few nights he spent in Lund, while travelling to the north of Sweden. Today, he's bound southward, hoping to spend a couple more - and hopefully productive - days here.

At Ariman, he, Patrícia and I met Kenton, the architect (in the middle) whom we both worked with. He runs a small architecture office right behind Lunds Domkyrka.

21 december, 2013

Innerstaden av Lund


One of the many advantages of working in a family restaurant is having access to the making-of of many special yummies! The restaurant is closed for the weekends, so, in this particular summer weekend it was the stage for home-made pickles manufacturing. One of the disadvantages of watching the process unfold is that there is always extra labour for a pair of hands. Under the circumstances, a sketching pair of hands is a free pair of hands. Still, I managed to scrape off these quick ones.

The recipe:
- stuff dozens of jars with dill, garlic, bay leaves, chilli, white radishes, mustard seeds and black pepper;
- jam the cucumbers into the jars, as tight as they can get;
- fill with vinegar and salt broth.

13 december, 2013

Malmö Festivalen

With the summer at its peak, Skåne is greeted by Malmö Festivalen, a cultural mix-pot of music, theater, dancing, workshops, food! The stars of swedish music are greeted in stages set up in the town's largest squares. Other interesting events go on at more reserved places. The hip-hop battle semifinals took place at Altonaparken. There, solo challengers disputed the chance at the final face-to-face with an opponent dancing in the same style. The arena was formed by the people that were cheering, sitting on the ground or upon lighting posts and advertising boards.

Food was for all tastes. For us, the chorizo and korvtjock with potatissalad, at the Malmö FF stand, were the right choice!