24 november, 2013

Thomas the sketcher

Our dear friend Thomas comes from the Netherlands. Occasionally he visits the southern tip of Sweden and stays over for a few days. His visit is always good-humoured and welcome. He is also a sketcher, but a passionate architecture graduate first!

Here, he was getting ready to leave to his new hometown to pursue his studies further and hopefully to get a job somewhere where good architecture is being created. His bulky backpack took over half the seats of our table in a Malmö coffee joint near the trainstation.

02 november, 2013

Ven! För att sommaren är kort

So, after a busy summer in Portugal, and with a few days still to enjoy sunny Skåne, Patrícia and I decided we should get to know that pearl on the Öresund. We rented a couple of bikes upon arrival and off we went around the island!

Midway across the island, we had time to relax and have a decent picnic, drenched in wine that we had brought from the homeland. Afterwards it was time to get acquainted with the astronomer Tycho Brahe and his observatory in Uraniborg.

With the golden wheat fields, Ven kind of reminds me of Alentejo, back home, but with water all around! (misspelled Denmark there...)

On our way back to Landskrona, the ferry almost got us sleeping on the deck, with all the biking and the rocking of the waves... Trevlig dag!