26 juni, 2013

Midsommar sketching

It was the first midsommar we spent in Skåne, or in Sweden for that matter. Back home, midsommar doesn't exist. Of course the summer solstice exists, but people just don't mind it so much. So it was an exotic exciting episode for us portuguese in Skåne!

The 20th greeted us with a travel to Ales Stenar, a marvelous landscape by the sea, overlooking a small fishing village (which kinda reminded me of the scottish village in Local Hero). The special thing about this place is the iron age megalithic monument erected upon the green pasture cliff. It's a prehistoric calendar in all it's glory. A group of tens of people gathered there to verify the exactitude of the key stone marking the solstice sunset, and to watch some Ystads band singing traditional midsommar songs in acapella.

The next afternoon, midsommarsafton, was spent mingling with some good people, eating good food, drinking beer and Aquavit (yummy!), playing ball, freesbee and kubb. The night went long with board games indoors.

This holiday, we should definitely export back home!

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