28 februari, 2013


 A few days ago I was invited by Erik to watch a rehearsal and video recording of his band Trixiia. I thought it would be cool to have a sketched record of the event also. The pop-band has a unusual line-up: 3 violins, 1 cello, a bass guitar, percussion and a sweet voice.
 There was a rich lode of sketching subjects all around! From the make-up activities...
 ... to the sound checking, a team of sketchers would have their hands full! I decided to turn the warm up of my pens into a kind of making-of reportage. It wasn't easy, as there was lots of movement about.
 Until finally the recording started. With about 15 people watching, Trixiia recorded the material for their first music video! Looking forward for the result!

18 februari, 2013

Inside out

Why do I look so different every time I draw a self portrait? I think the answer is that I do not draw what I look like but how I feel at that moment. I draw the inside instead of the outside so to speak. That would explain why there is such a big difference between the drawings I have done of myself. Another possible explanation is that I am a lousy drawer.

17 februari, 2013

Tall trees

Tall is the Swedish word for Pinetree. Quite fittingly since these two specimen were quite big. I found them both in Hässleholm’s equivalent to Central Park: Möllerödsområdet.

16 februari, 2013

Black on white

This morning I woke up early to the smell of burnt wood. I checked the stove in the kitchen and went back to bed. Later I learned that a crofter’s cottage at the folk museum had caught fire during the night. In the afternoon I went over and made this quick sketch. The charred remains made a stark contrast to the snow. While the adjacent cottage had only been scorched the little old building that was made in the 17th century burned to the ground.

14 februari, 2013

Important stuff

Here are two very important facilities in my apartment: my zafu and the ADSL outlet. They help me keep in touch both with the outer and the inner world. Sort of.

11 februari, 2013

Helg kalas

As the week draws (no pun intended) to an end, party planning arrangements are made. Indoor parties - in a contrast to my homeland - seem to be quite popular in Skåne.
Friday, at a friend's apartment in Lund, there was some hard DJing and dancing all night long!
English remained the lingua franca for the evening, as people from at least seven countries were present, including Sweden!
Saturday, at Malmö, in a funny-looking cilindrical building, a birthday party took place. As the previous one, this one also resembled a UN meeting. I lost count of the countries of origin present. We all crossed out our places of origin lie in a world map hung on the wall. Pretty soon, there were tens of crosses scattered all around Europe (and one in Africa!).
Turned out some of the nice people there were musicians (and even one other sketcher), and soon, banded together in a Swedish-Russian band started to improvise some Swedish traditional music, which tended to sound quite klezmer at some point - jättekul!