22 september, 2012

You've got postcard

In cooperation with another blog, You've got postcard, I made an illustrated postcard with Carl von Linné's statue, which sits in a garden by Lund's Stadbibliotek. The postcard is hidden inside a book in the library. Whoever finds it may answer the question in the back, take a picture and send it to the blog.
Although I'm not familiar with the life of Linné, the place where his statue rests feels nice. A little garden ni the corner of two small and important streets of the city. Some students sit there and read. Local teenagers get together to smoke a clandestine cigarette before going to the near bus stop. But the benches there are not so much popular, they're shadowed by trees, and shadow is not a popular commodity in Sweden.

02 september, 2012

The new skatepark

The town's new skatepark is popular among kids, some young and some not so young. They seem to enjoy themselves gliding, hopping, twisting and falling. But for a sketcher it's hard to keep up with the rapid movements. I think I will come back. It's good exercise.