29 augusti, 2012

Local anthropomorphism

My humor is probably weird. Every time I pass this post box and the adjacent streetlight I smile. To me they look like two human beings. One is small, round and perfectly drunk while the other tries to maintain balance and dignity. They have been standing like this for years against the dark backdrop of a small grove. I'm sure that one day they will fall over.

However, these stones in the park looked only like stones and nothing else.

At Arimans

 Ariman Café is a landmark in the streets of Lund. It's the local meeting point for students, foreigners and wanderers. Last friday, Thomas, a sketcher and student from Holland, and I bombarded the back room of Ariman with sniper sketches. Some of the models noticed...

... and some didn't.

By the end, we were mingling with Martin, the spanish-speaking swede. Perfect spanish I should say!

28 augusti, 2012

The Sharpie camper

To remain urban but still get some taste of rurality. That seems to be the goal for the people who spend their vacation in motorhomes. I wish them good luck.

Drawn with a Sharpie. I haven't used those pens since the early eighties. To my surprise they still stink awful. But they are fun and force me to think in only two values: black and white. Hey, is white a value?

19 augusti, 2012

Next sketch will be better

For me every sketch is about practice. There is really no other reason for me to sketch than to learn. It's a wonderful way of spending leisure time while developing one's senses. Like reading. But I am not satisfied. My progress is slow and worse, I repeat the same old mistakes over and over again. Habits are hard to brake. This sketch for instance is to messy for my taste. I want my sketches to be cleaner and clearer. And simpler. The next one will be better.

18 augusti, 2012

Ystad och Svarte

Just three weeks after Patricia's and mine arrival to Skåne, for our nordic adventure, we got the chance to meet Olaf again, in a sketch trip that took us to the southernmost coast of Sweden. In quaint little Ystad, we found the parked Ford Anglia Olaf mentioned a few posts ago - a Ford made for England, go figure. Swedes like old good-looking cars! They really do! I'm in for some treats in the times ahead!

Ystad has some non-places, like the harbour, where the trees give an organic order into the cementy platform against the sea. On the background, some giant silos overlook the Baltic. I wonder if they are tall enough to see Germany on the other side.

Karin - the first garden designer I met - hosted us in her country house in Svarte, with delicious treats. Somehow, Patricia was reminded of the landscapes back home, the wavy yellow fields, a sprinkle of horses, lush green woods in the hroizon. One landscape element new to us were the juicy berry hedges.

Olaf's encouragement to himself. "Be bold, be bold". Your resulting sketch was bold indeed!

Note: the sketchbook pages are really brown, it is not a dimlight effect.

17 augusti, 2012

Dead tree sculptures

I'm not sure what to think about making dead trees into sculptures. A living tree is a piece of art so superior that never mind how skilled the men with the chainsaws are, the result look ... dead. Anyway, it seemes a popular thing to do in parks around here.

On Urbansketchers Portugal there is a sketch showing an alternative of what to to with a cut down tree:

16 augusti, 2012

Lazy boats

Nothing special, just a couple of small, lazy boats enjoying the hot, sunny weather. Just like me.

14 augusti, 2012

En blank sextioåring

En gammal beige Ford Anglia stod parkerad i Ystad i helgen. Putsad och omgiven av den karaktäristiska gammelbilsdoften. Med hjälp av Wikipedia gissar jag att det är en E494A som tillverkades 1949–1953 och som var den billigaste fyrhjulsdrivna bilen i England på den tiden. Jag är inte speciellt förtjust i bilar men en sådan här liten, knubbig sak är det svårt att tycka illa om.

12 augusti, 2012

Sketching Ystad

This weekend I was out drawing together with my sketching friends Pedro and Patricia from Portugal. We went to Ystad on the south coast. After sketching the town for a while we were picked up by Karin who drove us to her house just outside the city. There we continued sketching and enjoyed Karin's hospitality.

Karin is a garden designer and she uses sketches as a tool in her work. I hope we will be able to do some more sketching together in the future. Here is her quick sketch of the house.

Ystad harbour seemed like a pretty empty place. Not much going on there. After drawing a couple of parallel, horizontal lines my harbour sketch was almost finished.

The proper way to end a long day of sketching!

10 augusti, 2012

Good evening light

Sunset over a new high-rise apartment building under construction. The sun came through where there were no clouds while the rest of the sky was all dark blue-gray. The trees and the grass seemed to glow against the dark backdrop.

09 augusti, 2012

Turning ideas into sketches

This is not a beautiful drawing. It is an idea. Sketching should be all about ideas and not an effort to make something nice or beautiful. Okay, good sketches are beautiful but it's the idea that is beautiful, not the execution. Or rather, if the idea isn't there the sketch will not be so beautiful.

So this is a reminder to myself: Don't fuss with details, just try to get the big idea down on paper – as simple and straightforward as possible.

By the way, this thumbnail was done earlier today in Malmö. The tall thing is Turning Torso, the city's pride designed by Santiago Calatrava.

06 augusti, 2012

Wet, wet, wet.

Not a storm. Not even a downpour. Just a drizzle. But still enough to make the city wet and shiny.