29 juli, 2012


The Swedish summer is beautiful, magnificent and depressingly short. In a few weeks the cool, windy, rainy autumn will begin. And then comes winter. Sigh. Because of these meterological conditions swedes are experts in designing rain jackets. Like this one from Haglöfs.

28 juli, 2012

A view from the park

On a calm, warm day I appreciate the park very much. Trees and grass give peace to a restless soul. I believe the reason for this is the contrast it constitutes to the man-made parts of the city. Over there everything is orderly arranged in patterns and many things also carries some sort of a message. Nature on the other hand is a bloody mess. And there are no messages. Well, there are messages but your freedom how to interpret them is limitless. If you look at a shrub for a while trying to figure out any clear patterns and meaning, you'll soon have to give up. And that's when peace enters mind.

25 juli, 2012


Seven years ago I took a class in drawing. It's been other classes since then but I remember this one in particular because the instructor told me to paint with the pencil. Huh? was my immediate response. Now, seven years later, I perhaps begin to understand what she was suggesting. Some people are more thickheaded than others.

24 juli, 2012

Bastion Kristianstad

Riksens Ständer kallas dessa hus i Kristianstad. Inspiration till namnet fick man av den bastion som tidigare låg här som en del av befästningen runt staden. I dag är det annorlunda. Befästningen är borta och det gäller att ”sätta kommunen på kartan”. Kommunen gör allt för att bättra på inflyttningsstatistik och höja antalet turistnätter. Precis som man gör i alla andra kommuner. Inget originellt. Och det fungerar väl inte heller så bra. Kristianstad är ingen kioskvältare utan en helt vanlig svensk småstad som det går tretton på dussinet av. Mitt råd är: Bygg upp befästningen igen. Hela utanverket med kanoner och hela konkarongen. Inget gör folk så nyfikna som det svårtillgängliga.

21 juli, 2012

The Pot Plot

Today I saw lots of magnificent vegetation: tall trees, intriguing bushes and from a hilltop – miles and miles of green fields. But none of this found its way into my sketchpad. I was occupied by what I was seeing and feeling instead of observing things in the special way I do when I want to sketch them. The pen and pad didn't even came out until I had returned home. That's why you instead of all this outdoor grandeur have to settle with a lousy flower pot.

20 juli, 2012

Long face

”You’ve drawn my face too long!” my son exclaimed when he saw this sketch. ”You always make faces to long.” Just wait, I thought, next time I’m going to make your face round as a football. Have you never heard about ”freedom of art” or of Alberto Giacometti? Now there’s an artist that really made long faces. He would have turned your head into a USB memory stick. But of course, I didn’t say all this. All I said was: ”You’re right, next time I’ll get it right.” Never argue with the model.

18 juli, 2012

Is there a pattern here?

Seems I'm stuck on food & drink for the moment. It might have something to do with the weather. Sweden is having its rainiest summer ever. Well, since the bottle is empty (”tom” is Swedish for empty) I'll have to go out.

17 juli, 2012

Not much left

If you first eat the food then there really isn't much left to paint.

16 juli, 2012

First paint then eat

First I paint my food then I eat it. I think nobody would prefer if I did it the other way around ;-)