23 april, 2012

The boats of Borstahusen

Small fishing boats in the harbour of Borstahusen. The scene was complete with screaming seagulls and fish-smelling gear lying on the pier. What struck me during our maritime sketch crawl was the rounded shapes of the boats. Not only the hull but nearly everything on deck is more or less rounded in shape. Just like myself.

21 april, 2012


Hus med välvt tak med takväxt?

Abstract house in a real world :-)

Hamninloppet i Borstahusen.

Safehaven on sketchcrawling day :-)

17 april, 2012

Klippans station

Jag har experimenterat med snabb skissteknik på sistone där jag snabbt vill få till tre valörer av objektet.
Bläck ger den mörkaste valören och blyerts skapar mellanvalören.

I have been experimenting with really quick sketching lately where I want to get three values down fast with clearly defined values.Ink is the simplest way to get the dark value (with some exception depending on paper). The middlevalue here is with pencil.