03 oktober, 2014


The new glass building housing Lunds Kommun services is the touchstone for the development of a new area, right in Lund's downtown. Is it a metaphore for the Kommun's transparency? Anyway, I was there a few months ago for a meeting to start a project that was just now finished. More to come.

01 oktober, 2014

Ales Stenar

Early in the summer, I got back to Ales Stenar for the Midsommar's sunset. There are always all sorts of people going there at that day. This time, on the way back we met a group of indian backpackers and a swedish girl getting ready to spend the night there. The sky should be a wonderful sight there!

21 september, 2014

Countryside in Värmland


Scandinavia´s longest river is the Göta älv - Klarälven; in between is the lake Vänern. Klarälven ["The clear river"] flows through both Norway and Sweden.  
Värmlands capital city Karlstad was built on the river delta with the Vänern.

The arrow on the sketch points at the newly built Karlstad Congress Culture Centre, Karlstad CCC in short, designed by the architects Bergfjord and Ivarson [Tengbom Group]. The building was built by SPP Fastigheter AB and received Karlstads kommuns byggnadspris 2011.

Source: http://www.tengbom.se/en-US/projects/163/karlstad-congress-culture-centre

Arvika station